Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leiby Kletzky

Chana's post about Leiby Kletzky says it all.

The song she quotes- A rose among the flowers- is the song that rings in my head when thinking about the passing of former classmates of mine- Aviva and Chaya, a"H. The song states the tale of how the king found a precious rose in his garden, and rather than let it stay and wilt, he plucked it before its time to be by him. If anyone has the whole lyrics- I am searching for them. It begins: "Once upon a kingdom, so very long ago..."

Hashem took these pure neshamos from us so quickly, and the only thoughts I have are that they must be such pure roses for G-d to want them in His garden near Him.

May Hashem comfort all mourners for Leiby, a"H, and for all those children who are taken from us early.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Silent Scream

Yes, the title is a bit freaky. But that's the song from the Shira Chadasha Boys' Choir that makes me tear up every time I hear it.

It's an emotional song, about Chana, the mother of Shmuel HaNavi, (Samuel the Prophet), one of the Jewish people's greatest leaders. Most who read this blog know that Chana suffered from infertility- as the first wife of Elkanah, she watched as her co-wife, Penina, bore child after child, while she had none. Penina (albeit with good intentions) even teased her about the fact in order to get Chana to pray to G-d with more fervor.

Chana eventually had a child, Shmuel, who's name means that G-d listened to her. My husband and I continually have a fight (well, more of an argument) on what Chana asked for in a child. I learnt, as did many of the women I checked with, that Chana asked for a normal child- average, nothing extraordinarily different, but she was granted the exceptional. He learnt (and looked up for me) that Chana wanted a child like Moshe and Aharon, (Moses and Aaron) and was granted her request, showing the importance of prayer, and of belief in our children. (Did anyone else hear one of these explainations?)

Either way- this song truly captures the essence of Chana's plea to G-d, and her reward. May all those suffering from the utter pain that is infertility find hope in the story of Chana, and may G-d bless them with children in abundance.

Sorry about the annoying background, but it was the only youtube I could find easily to link to. Listen to the words, forget about the screen.