Thursday, February 12, 2009

R' Noach Weinberg, ZT"L

Just thought I would write a short post- my own words can't do this great man justice.

The day R' Weinberg passed away, my daughter came into the world.

Hashem gives, and Hashem takes.

My own life has been enriched immensely by Aish and Discovery, through its teachers, seminars, and life mentors. I was not one of those who became frum through R' Weinberg's efforts, but I reap the benefits of much of his life's work. Members of my own family have learnt at Aish, and friends of mine participated in Discovery.

EYAHT boasts some of the most special teachers that I know, many of whom have created an impact on me that has lasted throughout my life.

So, no, I did not know R' Weinberg personally. I heard his shiurim, benefited from his teachers and programs, but I did not know him. I know of him, I know of his greatness, his caring, his love for every Jew. has several articles up on R' Weinberg, zt"l. Please feel free to peruse them at your leisure. His presence will be dearly missed. May his mourners be comforted among the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim.


corner point said...


Beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful!
thanks, NMF7

nmf #7 said...

Corner Point + Tembow- thanks for your comments! This post doesn't do him justice at all though.