Friday, April 24, 2009

Erev Shabbos #15- Spilt Milk

There's no use crying over spilt milk, the old adage says.
So too with other things in life, spilt cake batter (as happened to me this Erev Shabbos), lost time, and so on. There are some things that just fly by, or just happen- and we have to learn to roll with the punches.

On the early Shabbosim, sometimes it's really hard for me to get ready. I'm all in a tizzy, trying to figure out what to do next, what to do first, and how to cope with it all. And yes, sometimes I get upset, or frazzled, hassled, and nervous.

But I have to step back and realize: it's an Erev Shabbos. Do I really want to go into the holiest day of the week like that? It's only one day, which will set the tone for my week.
So therefore, although I may have made mistakes, and I do spill things occasionally, it's not worth getting upset about.

Rather, I should go into Shabbos with a calm demeanor, whether or not I have dessert.

So a Gut Shabbos everyone- and may this day be a calm and relaxing one for you!


Something Different said... for thought!

Anonymous said...

i agree
btw i found what helped me was that on thursday night, i sat down, wrote what i was making, how much prep time was needed and how much cooking time i needed, i then plotted a rough schedule as to what i would do. it really helped! plus i had a list so would know if i missed anything. (i also have a checklist of the lights i need to turn on/off, and stuff like that).
gut shabbos

nmf #7 said...

SD- You're welcome!

Anon- I have that sort of checklist, although I usually make the same things almost every Shabbos. But this week, I did extra work on Erev Shabbos for later in the week- which caused a bit of commotion.

But- thanks for the advice- and I like the lights idea! Somehow, there is always one that escapes me.

Hope your Shabbos was good!

lvnsm said...

Great message, I agree, we deffinately need to try to keep calm so we can enjoy ourselves.
Plus, do things in advance so we are not so stressed.

Thanks for sharing

All the best

nmf #7 said...

Lvnsm- thanks! I do try to do things in advance- I'm a 5 kugel at once type of person.

Best part about spilling my cake batter? Having the pleasure of Mr. NMF and I eating the disaster up.