Friday, May 1, 2009

Erev Shabbos #16- A Mad Dash

This week, I'm ready for Shabbos, before the siren.

No last minute dish washings, no forgetting the bathroom lights, no last minute cake baking (or spills).
I'm on time, this week (and I was last week as well). And you know what?
I like it!

It's a heady feeling, with my white tablecloth all ready to go, to know that I can light candles on time with all of Klal Yisroel. In Israel, the siren goes off at candle lighting time, which is 40 minutes till the actual coming in of Shabbos, at shkiya time.

In America, it's only 18 minutes till the show stopping minute, so I'm less likely not to light on time in America, since what would be the point- I only have 18 minutes extra.
But sometimes I find myself here thinking automatically- Oh, I have 40 minutes left, no problem, I can take a shower then.

So, this week, I'm not doing that. I'm going to be on time, and light licht right then and there.

Gut Shabbos, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Its worth pointing out that its a Yerushalayim minhag for the siren to go off 40 minutes before Shabbat. Generally in Israel (except those places which hold the Yerushalayim zmanim, such as Petach Tiqva) the siren is later, more like 20 minutes before the zman in that particular location.
The earlier time does make for a chance to relax with spouse and family before going to daven mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat / Chag.
Keep up the great posts!

nmf #7 said...

Really- I did not know that. Most of the places which I have visited/lived in have kept the Yerushalayim times, so I've been out of the loops.
Thanks! (And, thanks for the encouragement.)