Monday, June 1, 2009

OII #11- A Day of Fun

I haven't posted another OII for a while, but my recent activities lead to a burst of posts on this phenomenal country and the people in it.

*I went to pick out flowers with my neighbor for her apartment. When I went there- there were hardly any flowers outside, leading me to believe, in typical Israeli fashion, that this job was not one that would get done today, but rather, the ubiquitous 'tomorrow/Machar'. And, I was proven right, as since the flowers come from all over Israel, including the Golan, Tzfas, and Netanya, they didn't have them ready so close after Shavuos.

But, the flower owner apologized, and made a wonderful remark. He said that since they come from all over Israel, we should be proud and grateful we can get flowers from the Golan! And, so we agreed, that it is wonderful to be able to enjoy the fruits from all over Israel! What a great perspective!

*As we were heading out of the flower market, I heard another lady remark on the fact that the owner had pushed us all off till the morrow. I repeated his comment, on how we get flowers from the whole of Israel, and how lucky we are. She smiled and agreed. Then she introduced herself. Lo and behold- her name was Tzivia Ehrlich-Klein! Author of the Only in Israel book series!! What a wonderful event!

When I remarked on how much I love her books- she blushed and said- I'm glad that there are those out there who recognize the beauty of Israel. So, in the street lurks authors as well....hiding behind every possible face.

*I went to Har Nof recently, and I ended up in JII Pizza. I asked the owners of the store if they had a bathroom in which I could feed NBD. They said no...but they would give me another place. And before I could say boo, they cleared themselves out of their entire kitchen, handed me a chair, and offered me the key to lock the door so I could have some privacy.

How many restaurants in the US would give over their entire kitchen to help out one person?

What a wonderful people in what a wonderful land!


Ezzie said...

The Q is if you told her about this series. :)

itsagift said...

Wow - how nice!

nmf #7 said...

Ezzie- nope, too quick a conversation to actually tell her that I've had my own OII's. Although I did tell her that I see the same incidents happening in her books happening to me all the time!

Itsagift- Thanks! It was a bunch of fun.

corner point said...

Your attitude makes me smile.


nmf #7 said...

CP- You know what they say, "A positive attitude makes everyone's day!"

How can't I find good in this Holy Land? It's a great place to be!

americaninisrael said...

those owners/workers in j2 har nof are the pizza in israel too!

Lvnsm27 said...

very nice of them :)

nmf #7 said...

AmericaninIsrael- I agree wholeheartedly. Although, Amnon's, when it existed, whasn't bad either.

Lvnsm27- Extremely.

Qtap said...

You really are increadably blessed to get flowers from Isreal in general, and from the Golan, Tzfat and other places in spicific! They not only hold physical buity and all the spiritual buity that all flowers have, but they have in them a special koach of Israelness, an holiness that you can have nowhere else.

There is nowhere in the states they would clear out the kitchen, except maybe a 'mom and pop' place. They'd be too afraid of contamination and who knows what else.

nmf #7 said...

Qtap- absolutely true. And, the flowers are beautiful as well (they got delivered yesterday!)And the kedusha aspect is so wonderful- that these are plants of E"Y!

I know- I was shocked they let me into the kitchen alone. I mean- I could have destroyed the place. But they saw a Yid in distress, and said, hey, let me help. Mi K'Amcha Yisroel.