Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dorothy, You're Not In Kansas Anymore

Israelis have a whole new way about them that just is intimidating to a timid young American like me. I mean, they are brash, chutzpadik, pushy, deliberate, blunt, and a whole bunch more adjectives. That's what makes them so lovable, you see.

If driving demonstrates personality, then Californians are all about the bling, Midwesterners are slow and polite, and New Yorkers couldn't care less. Israelis? They'll cut you off one day, and then bake you cookies for your daughter's simcha the next. They tell you how they feel, with no compunction, but it's emes, it's truth, and you've got to admit they have a point. And, when they pepper their phrases with "Don't worry, Yihyeh B'Seder, " you know you've got the real deal right here.

I'm applying for a position right now, and well, dealing with Israelis has given me a whole new take on what it means to live here. According to the secretary, who felt it was her job to give me, the new Olah, advice. "Don't take no for an answer. Be brash. Be persistent. It's all about patience and self esteem. Bang down those doors until someone gives you an answer."

When I quietly handed someone a resume, they asked, "Do you have some money behind you that you could bring into our work? After all, it takes money to run everything."

I'm thinking I'll never really understand their approach to things. After all, I'm just a quiet American. At least the secretary reminded me of that fact. "You're in Israel, not America. This is how we do things here. Welcome."


Anonymous said...

What's the position?
Hope you are successful - its very different working in an Israeli business / organisation compared to an Anglo set-up which is Israel based, but surely much better in integration terms, especially now that you're a proper Olah!!
Besurot tovot

nmf #7 said...

Anon613- I'll list the position if I get it. But the impresion I got was "You're on my turf now, buddy. Aclimate or take a hike." In the nicest possible sense of course.
And yeah, everything is easier because I'm Israeli, but it also makes it harder- they don't give me any allowances- which they would if I was only an 'American'.

itsagift said...

What did they mean when they said Do you have some money behind you that you could bring into our work? After all, it takes money to run everything.?

Hatzlacha with your job search! I hope you find a good one soon!

harry-er than them all said...

nefesh bnefesh has a few links for major corporations in many different fields

オテモヤン said...