Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OII #15- Busy Times

It's been so hectic lately, I barely have time to sit down with my computer. NBD to play with, guests from America to entertain, and the requisite packing that goes with any move.

I took some of the guests to a hotel, since they have an excellent package in which you can join their gym and fitness room (with seperate hours) for the day, and also enjoy the enviroment.

So, I'm wandering around, when I stumble upon H. Stern.

For those who don't know, H. Stern is a jewelery company- with some exquisite pieces that I, or any girl who likes sparkly things, would enjoy. I struck up a conversation with the manager, and as usual with most Jewish people, the saying applies: if you haven't found something in common talking with another Jew, you haven't talked for long enough!

She was born in Yerushalayim, and I introduced her to NBD, my first sabra. She mentioned her love of Israel, of her wish never to leave the Holy City, and of the fact that she has a cousin who is a 7th generation Yerushalmi.

We shmoozed, and she mentioned that there was a convention of livestock and cattle owners going on in the hotel, and as such, Tnuva was there, giving out free products.

The manager from Stern left, and came back bearing some Yoplait yogurt for me and my guests. "Only in Israel," she remarked, "can you get free yogurt with a Badatz hechsher on it from a Jewish farmer!"

Only In Israel is right!


ClooJew said...

I LOVE that last line!

Does the yogurt, lulei demistafina, have shemittah fruit at the bottom?

itsagift said...

Wow - only is Israel is right!!

nmf #7 said...

ClooJew- As shmitta is over, I'm not so sure it didn't- but I hold by the Badatz, which uses the Yerushalayim shmitta rules, that all fruit on non-Jewish land is not considered as having Keduashas Shveiis.

Itsagift- Totally true. I LOVE living here!