Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Relegated To a Sidenote

Any of you out there youngests? Any oldests? Any middle children?

I'm curious. There are some families who's bookcases are lined with photo albums. The oldest child has an album and a half all to his/herself just for the babyhood age. The middle children have to make do, and the youngest, well- if they have a large age gap there may be much more, but from families I know, the youngest barely gets a snapshot or two.

Some families make a big to-do about photos- that they would like to capture every moment, every incident, and every smile. Yet, how many families with more than four children actually capture every moment for every child?

I'm a youngest, but my parents had me in their later years, so my every move in babyhood was documented. My husband? A middle child, who has some photos, but not so many. My youngest nieces and nephews? They have a couple snapshots. But most youngest children? Unless they have an older sibling wielding the camera, there aren't too many photos of them.

Should these youngests care? Do they care?

It's not that their parents love them any less, just they have less time to document every waking moment. And that's a reasonable expectation.

Yet, I can't help feeling that each of these parents would love more pictures of their beloved children.


Qtap said...

My brother has maybe two albums from just his first year of life that live at my grandparents house. We have a couple of boxes of pictures down in the basement, with all three of us featured, at various events. Mainly it is when we were doing things, not in the house just playing with toys and such.

There aren't so many pictures of me, but that's because I am not a huge fan of having my picture taken if it's not candid.

Anonymous said...

My youngest (of 6) is in a special needs preschool, and his teachers sent me home a photo album at the end of the year with at least 30 pictuers of him (all smiling). I was so touched. I immediately ran out to buy all the teachers and assistants gift certificates to Dunkin Donuts.

So now he's caught up to the others a bit in the photo department.

nmf #7 said...

Qtap- Is he older or younger than you?
You must be one of the only people I know who likes candid photos- most people hate not being able to pose and try to look their best.

Tesyaa- That's so wonderful that the teachers did that for your son- real caring and concern!

Qtap said...

He's older, but as I said, the albums live at my grandparents. he had the double pleasure of being not only the first child but the first grandchild as well. Though, I should point out that after those few albums, there are none, of any of us, aside from his wedding.

Well, you know, I'm a bit off.^_^

Lon said...

My first nephew has videos, pictures, sound clips... you name it. My fourth kinfaun - well, we're lucky if we get a photo when we ask for one.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I actually read an article about this father who took a picture of his children every day of their life. Now that I think is a bit too much. But it made me think, and I realized I want to be able to photograph lots of pictures of my kids.

I'm the middle, and my mother loves taking pictures, so we have tons of each of us. But yet, as my brothers got older, they don't want to be in pictures anymore, so there's more little kid pictures, than older ones.

My neighbor with 12 kids, takes pictures and videos of her kids by school things, and at home, she has tons of videos of them, they watch it on motzei shabbos. They actually took a video of me giving graduation presents to each of the graduates (nursery, pre 1A, 8th grade, and HS).

So I think it just depends on the person, if you like taking pictures, you'll take of all your kids. But if your not so into it, like anything you do, you start off and then weary out.

nmf #7 said...

Qtap- Not off- individual :)

Lon- Exactly! So, how do they send their photos- email, or an actual print?

Jewish Side- Loved that article- I think it is so cool! These kids will treasure their online album later in life, even though they regret it now.

Good point. It does also have to do with if they are a picture taking person or not. But for those that are, even the most well meaning can get side tracked.