Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gichon Nightmare Part Two

So, I'm sure you are all eagerly awaiting this next installment (I mean, who wouldn't want to know about my water problems?! :D) of the Gichon Saga. Here goes:

I called up my Israeli-American friend, and asked her what she recommended to do about my 1,450 shekel bill for 10 days of water usage. (Gulp.)

Considering that an average bill is anywhere from 90-200 shekel for 2 months, that bill was way over my head. She mentioned to me that she had a problem with her water meter as well.

You see, my wonderful friend has 7 children. And, she is Israeli-American, and uses water, well, if not frugally, but not wastefully. She had recently moved into her brand new apartment 5 years ago, and was pleased as punch. (Anyone knows where that expression comes from?)

Yet one day, this year, she got hit with a gigantic (much more gigantic than mine) bill from the Gichon, with no explanation.

She called them up, and they told her this story. You see, when the apartment was built 5 years ago, her water meter number and her neighbor's water meter number, got mixed up. So for 5 years, her neighbor has been paying her water bill, and she's been paying her neighbors. When one month, the neighbor's (that's really my friend's bill) got too high, the neighbor called up the Gichon. And, the Gichon investigated, and found out about the switcheroo.

So, they were billing my friend for 5 years of extra payments. In one lump sum. Gulp is right.

She offered to me to join me in my trip to the Gichon, to not only help me out with explaining my problem, but to try to work out some sort of payment plan for the money she owes them as well.

We agreed to go in the late afternoon, as the Gichon is open at 6.

To be continued....


itsagift said...

I don't understand why they were billing your friend (the neighbor) for a bill that was already paid by someone else (the other neighbor)! Maybe the two neighbors could have resolved this between themselves...but why did the Gichon have to get involved if the bill was paid by someone?? Unless I'm missing something here...
Hatzlacha rabba with the rest! And waiting to hear how it all works out, because iy"h it will!

nmf #7 said...

Itsagift-That's precisely what I thought at first.
But no- This is Israel. They have to do things interestingly.
They sent my friend a bill, and sent her neighbor a credit. Shame it couldn't have just been resolved between the two of them.

itsagift said...

omg! That is seriously nuts!! I feel bad for your friend and I hope to hear that it ends up working out okay!

ProfK said...

I know it wasn't your intention, but after reading this posting I'm feeling so much better about the NYC department that handles water meters and bills. It may not be perfect but as nutty as the Gichon it's not. Strange, something to like about NY.

Hatzlochah in getting this straightened out.