Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Healthy Minded

Living in Israel has given me an entirely new perspective on a healthy lifestyle.

America seems to be the land of 'super-size me', of fries and hamburgers, of cars and sedentary lifestyles, of three large meals a day, and steak for supper.

Israel is the land of walking, of salad, of exercise and enough sleep, of the 1-3 rest hours, and the day beginning at 7 am, 6 days a week.

Israel also is the land of alternative medicine, of therapy, reflexology, massage, chiropractors, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

America is the land where DOs are a lesser class (no offense meant to any fine DO), anyone who does yoga is looked at slightly strangely (you mean they stretch, for fun?), and where the cesarean section rate is 50 percent, compared with Israel's 20.

I'm told by doctors in Israel, MDs, with funding from the Kupat Cholim to take vitamins, to get more B12, and to catch up on my D3. Oh, and have I tried swimming or yoga?

I'm told by doctors in America, also MDs, to take medication at the first sign of problems, to try to spend less time on the computer, and oh yes, that'll be X dollars copay.

Is it just me, or do I live a healthier lifestyle in Israel?

I walk (since I don't have a car, nor do I need one) far more than I used to, I eat healthier and take vitamins, with all the delicious fruits and vegetables around me, and the dessert of my choice is usually frozen yogurt with fruit. How's that for healthy living?

I think America should learn a thing or two from Israel and other European countries. It might help to solve obesity problems, and save lives. We may end up living longer as well.

So here's cheers, to being healthy-minded!

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