Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Israel's Mayoral Election

Ouch. Okay, I am definitely not an expert on Israeli politics.....but when the frum community decides to split over politics, based upon what their respective rabbaim say- that's sad. That's a lack of achdus, and a major cause of friction, machlokes, and other things.

R' Elyashiv endorsed Porush, the Gerrer chassidim and Rebbe endorsed Barkat- I truthfully don't know who would be better or worse, who's policies are right, or not.

The rumors floating around are that Barkat would divide Yerushalyim. He denied it outright according to the NY Times.

The rumors floating around were that Porush would have provided more affordable housing. Seems that both candidates would have done that.

This entire election has been fraught with tension between most parties- between Shas, Agudah, Degel, and UTJ.....

And now, at the end of the day- Nir Barkat is the new mayor of Yerushalayim (thanks, YWN).

Was all the fighting worth it? Couldn't they have been civilized? And not only that- I think that Yerushalayim must be the only election in which half the people did not know why they were voting for who they were voting, but they voted for that candidate because their respective Rav said so. That's a great reason- but I'd also like to be informed.

It's very sad that Klal Yisroel is so divided. I hope that achdus will come to us in the future.

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