Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sundays, Ahh the Fond Memories

Alright- there are some things I miss about America. Sundays, for one.

I mean- Fridays are the day off here in Israel- which is great for me. I can help my neighbors, cook for Shabbos, and generally putter around until Shabbos arrives in a fanfare of siren, sunset, and silence.

But, after Shabbos, after the Motzei Shabbos cleanup (why do all my dishes seem to triple by the end of Shabbos?) (and why do I have to have them all done by Sunday morning to feel as if I'm in control again of my household?) I have free time as well. This Shabbos started at 4:05, so it was over fairly early- making me finished by around 9, with a short nap as well!

Then, you wake up the next day- and POOF! Sunday. A work day. Back to square one- job, home, life, friends, teachers, kids...all simultaneously arrive on the doorstep, fresh and early Sunday morning. And, it continues like that till Friday comes around again.

Shabbos is the break here, I get it. There is no logical reason for Sunday off- it should be another school day or work day, as we get Fridays off early, and Shabbos off entirely.

So why do I miss it? Why do I miss the feeling of sleeping late, spending time with family, catching up on errands, and generally lazing around?

Am I a spoiled person who needs the time off? Isn't Shabbos supposed to be a day of rest and Kedusha- rest in the appropriate way, not laziness, like the classical American Sunday?

But, I feel like I need another day to catch up, another day to finish the errands that can't be done at night, or on a hectic Friday. I feel like it's too soon to jump into another workweek.

So what say you all? Sundays or no Sundays?


Anonymous said...

I'm right with ya. Shobbos is a day off - but you can't use it to catch up on work. Which is the predominant function of Sunday for American Jews. When do Israeli's catch up? I have no idea...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...


I miss them so much. More than anything.

Thats the only thing I really miss from chu'l...

nmf #7 said...

Alright- if you, Jameel, an Israeli to the core, can miss Sundays, now I don't feel so bad about betraying the Israeli workweek.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

NMF #7: Israeli to the core?


I have no problem appreciating the good things about ch'ul (as few as they are).

A weekend day like Sunday could be very important for Israeli society. Right now, there's no "family" day for a religious family (excluding shabbat). Fridays are too hectic because of preparing for shabbat, and therefore every day turns into a rat race with not enough time for family or general relaxation. I think Israeli society as a whole would be a lot calmer if there would be a "Sunday" (including less road rage, less smoking, less tension, less chutzpa, and over all - we would see a general increase in community welfare projects and participation.

Betray the Israeli workweek all you wish :-)