Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bezeq, Repairs, and Yum Bum Bum- Part One

Whew. It’s good to be back. Being without internet has got to be one of the most annoying things in the world. But then I remember that I was in 7th grade when my family first got internet, so I must have survived before then. One of my email accounts is actually from that 7th grade period- I never got around to changing it, and as such, it kind of stuck.

Anywho. Moving has got to be one of those things that you only want to do once in a lifetime. I hope not to do it again any time too soon. I arrived, and I thought myself so brilliant that I had arranged for Bezeq (one of the phone companies) to come only a few days after I arrived. I waited on the phone for an hour (Bezeq is notorious for having a very long wait time.) and finally arranged for them to come at 1:30. Turns out there was a misunderstanding, and they arrived at 11:30, when we were not home.

So, I waited on the telephone again, and rearranged for Bezeq. But the next available appointment was two weeks later. So I took it. And they came. They spent about an hour, but were unable to connect anything. They checked all the phone jacks, except for one which was hard to access, and told me I needed an electrician. Joy.

So, my handyman, who is a gem of a guy and a true mensch, showed up Motzei Shabbos with his son, and wouldn’t you know it- the one jack not checked was the one they needed. I thanked him, called Bezeq again, and told Mr. NMF that this time, I need him to stay home to help me to get the job done. 'Veni Vidi Vici'- when Bezeq came the next time, (with the same technician I had the last time, who reprimanded me about not checking the last phone jack), all was B’Seder.
Then came the hassle of setting up internet. It wasn’t too hard, except for the fact that I wanted to set up a Network Security Key- which I had never done before, to protect my internet from the misguided individuals who sit on a bench near my apartment and do all sorts of things on the internet they can access from there. But, all set up, password locked, and ready to roll.

Despite the problems I had this morning (Yosef, from Bezeq BeinLeumi- you so rock!), I'm finally here.

Part Two coming up soon.

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itsagift said...

Welcome back!
Glad to see soo many posts from you...will read them through, one by one! :)