Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newlywed Chronicles

I started this blog to document my life, in Israel, as a newly married girl. I'm not as newly married as when I started this blog, but in many ways I still feel like a newlywed. So, when I noticed in a Jewish magazine a new column about a newlywed's adventures, I felt a connection. But, when I started reading it, I realized that it wasn't really my type of chronicles at all.

She felt the need to poke fun at her Israel experience, at her life, and the general mishaps of it all. So, I guess, since I try to be mainly positive on this blog, my chronicles and her chronicles don't really mesh.

In addition, she sounded like she was writing from a perspective far away. As if she was married many years, but remembering what it was like to be a newlywed.

What's it like to be a newlywed?
It's exhilarating at first- just getting married, sheva brachos, and then starting your life. It begins with a ton of shopping, lots of quality time together, and a move into your own home. It allows a couple the pleasure of household chores together, meals with just the two of them, and a new lifestyle that each has to adopt.

Now, I have my first child, as I was blessed by Hashem to have NBD during my first year of marriage. So, life has changed a bit from then until now. I no longer have as much private time with my husband, and I have more responsibilities and more to do then I did then.

But, I wouldn't poke fun at my life. Things that happen, in my life, albeit as they may be funny, silly or sad, are not the type of thing I would like to ridicule a few years down the line. It may be a special time of life- almost a cliche time, but it doesn't deserve ridicule.

Oh, and for those who learn Hilchos Lashon Hara (as I do with Mr. NMF) one is not allowed to say anything bad about Israel. So, when describing life here, I do my best to not transgress that halacha. Those who write humor columns in magazines should try their best to do so as well.


miss anony said...

um.. you're also not allowed to say anything bad about a Jewish newspaper/author....

itsagift said...

I totally hear you!
I really respect you for all those posts that you put up - always with such a positive note!

nmf #7 said...

Miss anony- Thanks! My post was changed accordingly.

Itsagift- Thanks! Too bad it's not the positive posts that generate tons of comments.

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Sorry but what does NBD stand for?

Also, MAZAL TOV!, right? Right??? Or did I miss anything??

Anonymous said...

Another good post, NMF#7 - sounds like your move is now history and all has settled down.
G'mar chatima tovah

tembow said...

my sister said the same thing when she read that column in the magazine. i agree too.

gmar chasima tova!!

corner point said...

I really liked that column in the beginning. It was funny, and I don't think it is meant to reflect real life much. She just takes all the things that can go wrong and runs with them.

I admit, though, that the past 2 times she wrote, it had changed a bit...a little darker, maybe? ...more sarcastic? Dunno.

But anyway, I don't think she meant any harm. I sincerely doubt that she meant to speak LH about Eretz Yisrael. (In fact, that article about the closets and everything didn't sound like LH to me...but maybe I'm not remembering correctly...)

Thanks for the rest of this post, though. If it's really as good as you say it is, I'm really looking forward to being a newlywed ;-)

nmf #7 said...

Dude with Hat- NBD is my daughter, who's around 8 months old now- so you didn't miss anything.

Anon613- Yup, settling in and really enjoying my neighborhood. Hoping to get some backdated posts up soon.

Tembow- To you too!

CP- I know- she did get a bit darker, but maybe she was reminiscing about the bad parts, and not remembering the good ones.

I don't think she meant LH either, but it got on my nerves how she was making fun of some of the hard things here (like practicing living in a closet because that's how small apartments are...) You have to be really careful with dealing with E"Y- because it is a holy land.

Oh, and newlywed life is awesome- hope you enjoy it!

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

I guess I haven't read your blog back then.
Hag Sameach!