Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visit to the Shomron

I visited the Shomron this past week- what an exhilarating experience. Mr. NMF has an uncle in a neighborhood near Karnei Shomron and we spent Shabbos with them. We boarded the 465 bus from Yerushalyim, frantically rushing on Erev Shabbos, and arrived in the main bus station with plenty of time to spare.

After getting ready for Shabbos and greeting the relatives, I went for a walk and a drive to see the neighborhood.

As we drove past flourishing esrog and orange trees, in well kept yards near the stuccoed houses, I couldn't help exclaiming at the view. Miles of hills, filled with trees supposedly planted by the former King of Jordan, next door to the olive vineyards owned by their Arab neighbors in Azun. We passed by Moshe Zar's house, occupying a hill all to himself, where he raised 12 children, and built up these settlements one at a time. Nearby Emmanuel flashed its lights, but I was distracted by the view of Karnei Shomron, Ginot Shomron, and Neve Menachem, filled with houses, homes, families, and a thriving community.

We stood in Eilon Shiloh- to get a viewpoint. Eilon Shiloh was supposed to be the last built, but they built it first, planning to fill in the homes in between. I stood there in awe, looking at what our nation has built, and what it has done to a vast wilderness. The Shomron is flourishing, and continues to thrive as more young couples remain near their parents and grandparents who settled the land at first.

Shabbos was beautiful, accompanied by long walks through the streets to see the decorated electric boxes painted with Bob the Builder, a Scrabble Board, and a Siamese cat. The park was filled with children, the shul was filled with song, and my eyes couldn't get enough of the wonderful community that was built there.

I left wishing I could live there- wishing that this community will survive and grow, and continue to flourish.


Anonymous said...

Was it a bulletproof bus? I went to Bat Ayin once on a bullet proof with a hole in the glass. It was very reassuring.

So move there! It's probably cheaper than Jerusalem. ;-)

lvnsm said...

I enjoy touring nice areas also. I did that before where I live

nmf #7 said...

Bad4- Yeah, with the double glass. It is reassuring, because the glass is so dirty that you can't see out of it to know trouble is coming!
I would- just my life is here right now- husband's yeshiva, my schooling, and so on. But cheaper- totally. About 1/3 of the price for more.

Lvnsm- Touring is awesome, especially going to the Shomron- you should try it sometime.

Dan - Israeli Uncensored News said...

Yep, and they want us leave, and abandon these villages to Arabs