Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogger Meeting

Well, that was nice! Yesterday, Bad4Shidduchim gave me a ring, since she happens to be on this side of the Atlantic after being NBN's official reporter for the blogger convention, sponsored by WebAds. She thought she and I might meet up, with mutual blogger and friend, Mindy.

She mentioned she was going to visit the Kotel today, and so I said, how convenient. Commune and meet with G-d and then come meet me in the Old City.

So they did.

A fun time was had by all, bagels and iced coffee, Israeli style, were enjoyed, and shmoozing and reminiscing took place. NBD charmed the two of them, as she is wont to do.

The conversation turned to aliya, as Bad4 was reporting on NBN's system. I agreed with the statement made that making aliya is tough. Parnasa is hard to find, fitting into the system is hard to do. In this week's Mishpacha for example, an article devoted to kids at risk lists being the children of immigrants or an immigrant themselves as a possible reason for heading towards the edge.

I know that I really would love to make aliya (I haven't yet, for other reasons) but even I am worried about having a steady income here, making sure my children fit in here, and even that I fit in here. There are unspoken rules in every country, that are hard to learn for someone just off the boat.

All those who have done it and taken that major step- Kudos! Mazal Tov! Yasher Kochachem!
For all those who haven't- don't worry, we understand. It's a hard thing to leave the country you are from and start afresh.

At least friends can still come and visit when they want, leaving me not so lonely on this side of the world.

Thanks for lunch, Bad4. Let's do it again soon, iy"H, here in Yerushalyayim HaBenuyah yet again.


chanie said...

Humph, how come I wasn't invited? ;)

...NMF, I thought you made aliya?

nmf #7 said...

Chanie- Next time send us a line! Although, are you in Yerushalayim?

Nope, actually, I haven't made aliya. My parents have, we bought an apartment here, but we actually haven't taken that step for numerous reasons. It'll probably happen though.

chanie said...

:) LOL. I suppose I should've. Don't have your email addresses tho...
Yeah, I'm in Yerushalayim...

Hm...if it's army-related (re your husband), know that they don't draft you once you're over 24 plus a kid...
Otherwise, I'm curious to know what the reasons are, but I shall bite my tongue..

nmf #7 said...

My email address is on my profile, as is Bad4's.

Nah, the draft is not really in the reasons. We have a couple others though, but they may all turn to dust in the near future, and you'll see us on a NBN flight.

Anonymous said...

I also thought you made aliya. Didn't you say you were getting a lift of stuff?
Good thing I left you out of my oleh roundup.