Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chol HaMoed Blogaversary

Happy Blogaversary to me....actually, that was yesterday, but as yesterday was Shabbos and Succos, I wasn't about to post! So, welcome to the completion of one whole year of blogging! Hurray!

It's funny. I have guests staying with me from Succos, and they keep two days of Yom Tov. So, I get the pleasure of listening to hints about how dark it is in the room, or how cold the water is.

But, I enjoy it, because it means that I'm staying here in Israel for good- that I'm part of those for who Simchas Torah and Shmini Atzeres are the same day. And, plus, this year has the most non-Shabbos days of Chol HaMoed- since all Yom Tov comes out on Shabbos. We can plan trips throughout the week- I'm actually hoping to head to Tzfas- so if I'm not blogging, you'll know why.

I also received some excellent news lately- I got accepted to the school of my choice here in Israel, which means that I'm finally going to be able to pursue my degree, right here.

I know I've been neglecting posting- but so many wonderful things go on- it's like Hashem saying, "Enjoy life. See how wonderful it is. So much good is out there. Take advantage of it."

When you're at a computer, you can't enjoy the life outside the screen. So I'd rather shut down my laptop, and unplug it to enjoy the wonderful world that Hashem has out there for me.

It's like taking pictures- you have to enjoy the moment, not just take the pictures to remember the moment. After all, the moment only happens once, and if you're behind the lens instead of in the photo, you've missed the opportunity.

So, Chag Sameach everyone- and enjoy life to it's fullest!


harry-er than them all said...

happy anniversary!

its actualy an interesting halacha, where its less problematic for you to do a melacha for them than it is for a non-jew.

nmf #7 said...

Harryer- Thanks!

I know- rather interesting though! Mr. NMF told me something from R' Sheinberg, to the effect of that if those keeping second day Yom Tov had asked him, he would have told them it's a problem keeping it in public! Almost the other way around from Chutz L'Aretz, when an Israeli can not keep Yom Tov only in private.