Thursday, October 29, 2009

Water Company Form

Sheesh- you would think I would know about such things ahead of time.

It seems the Gichon, water company, is asking all Jerusalem residents to send in a form with the number of people in their household to update their records, and if not, then they get a large fine, and they get charged much more for every cube. Oh, and this has to be done by the end of October...which is in TWO DAYS!

It can be faxed in, emailed in, or mailed in.
Here's the form with all the information.

Now, if someone could help me in the comments- how do I fill in a PDF like this one?


nmf #7 said...

Just actually got through to the Gichon on the phone- it can be called in as well.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The english version of the form can be found at the following location:

Thanks for the heads up!!!

mekubal said...

Didn't you fill this out when you changed the bill to your name.

nmf #7 said...

Anon- You rock! I used the form you gave and emailed it in. You just need to scan your documents too.

Mekubal- Yes of course. However, due to the drought, they are asking everyone to REUPDATE the number of people in the household. It was sent with last months' water bill (which since I just moved, I didn't get)- and you have two days left to fill it in, otherwise the number of members in your household reverts to 1 and you get a fine. If you didn't do it, do it now!

thinking out loud said...

if u still need help with filling the form up on the computer, u can email me, and ill gladly help :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks NMF#7 - I'm grateful you raised the point as I would otherwise have had to pay a higher tariff.
Hope everyone saves water happily!!

mekubal said...

Before driving yourself crazy about this you should note that reach 5 persons living in the house or more, your allotment is the same. It will not be until after Jan 1 that it will change, and you are allowed to continuously update(if there is a new birth ect.).

So what that means, if there is four of you or less, you need not bother to hurry to get it done.

nmf #7 said...

Mekubal- My husband pointed that out to me also after you posted this (it must be a guy thing to read the fine print) so I'm not worried now. Thanks!