Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to Reality

Isru Chag is almost like a letdown. It sounds weird, but just getting back into the swing of things after so much preparation, action, and adventure, is a hard thing to do. It's like Garfield hating Mondays- they take so much more effort than the rest of the week, simply because they arrive after Sunday.

I escaped to Tzfas (Safed, for those who don't know) over the Chol HaMoed break, and then to Netanya for a barbeque with those cousins in the Shomron- see my earlier post. Just coming back to plain old (although it's never really plain and old) Yerushalayim was a letdown of sorts- home, no need to travel, no strange and interesting people, no hectic rushing and crazy landings. Especially after visiting Tzfas, city of air and mysticism, coming back to Yerushalayim's fire of home and Torah is something different.

I love visiting Tzfas- it's one of those places that has a claim on my heart. It's wild, imaginative, and something different- a breath of fresh air.

For those who don't know, there are four holy cities in Israel, each representing one of the four basic elements. Tiveria (Tiberias) is one, representing water, with the Kinneret lake at its center. Chevron (Hevron) is another, representing the earth in which the Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried. Yerushalayim represents fire- the fire of the Temple, the fire of Torah, and the fiery people who live there (see the riots and protest that go on!) , and Tzfas represents air- a whiff of fresh air, something different. Or the fact that there must be something in the air there- that makes many a poor soul make their way there to be understood.

Anyway. Isru Chag is a culmination and a letdown. The succahs are being demolished in my front yard, the schach is being packed away, and the esrogim are being made into besamim. Here's a phenomenal powerpoint from Chananya Kramer- that shows exactly how to do that if you are interested:

Chananya Kramer- Esrog Besamim Project

All in all, another wonderful Chag has come to an end. Hoping next year's Succos is just as wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed Tzfat over Cjol Hamoed - we stayed the whole of chag in Yerushalayim, other than a Chol Hamoed day trip out of the city and it was special (as Succot is).
Interestingly, visiting the Kotel on Isru Chag this afternoon / evening was also lovely: the city getting back (almost) to its normal routine, but still feeling a sense of the now departed Yom Tov.
Keep up the diary!
Anon613 - London

mekubal said...

Personally I like Isru Chag. It gives me a chance to catch up on some of the sleep I lost the previous week.

Something Different said...

I know what you mean about the letdown.... There is so much prep for the yomom noraim, then you fly straight into sukkos, and now....back to regular old boring life...


When's chanukah? :-P

nmf #7 said...

Anon613- You were in Israel?! Awesome! Glad you had a blast and come back soon!

Mekubal- Well, you would need the rest- I read your post about allergies- talk about a rough yom tov! (No heter for anything else by the way?)

SD- Exactly the thoughts I was trying to express. Regular humdrum life- all the way until Chanukah comes to spice things up. Plus the humidity here...
But I guess there is always something to procrstinate doing, no matter the season. Isru Chag is just a good excuse.

Everyone- Itsagift pointed out to me that there is a problem with my link to the Esrog project. Does anyone else have a problem? Does it link to the esrog project, or to something else?