Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Misrad HaPnim- Ministry of the Interior

Okay, I admit it- there is one thing that will drive me off the wall in Israel- the Misrad HaPnim- Ministry of the Interior.

I can't imagine that American bureaucracy is as hard to access, hard to get in, and hard to deal with.

I had to renew my visa to stay here in Israel- and it took me four days of staying on the single phone number, with single operator, in order to get an appointment for a month away.

New Olim that go there have been told to come back 6 months later for their first Teudat Zehut, (Israeli identity card), and the number system there never seems to call your number, only the number 100 digits away.

Enough griping though- this is supposed to be positive- so here goes. During my last two experiences at the Misrad HaPnim, I actually did not have such a soul-wrenching time.

I went to get a visa for me and my husband- and I only had a copy of my marriage certificate, not the real thing.
But they let me get one anyway!

I then tried to make a visa appointment for someone else- and I actually got through after 8 rings on the telephone line!

So- there is hope in the darkness!

Pnim means interior- the inside workings of the government. I think that how you handle yourself in the Misrad HaPnim tells a lot about the 'inside' of the person. Are you going to scream at all the employees there when you're told that because you're missing a document you have to come back in 3 months- or are you going to choose to accept, or quietly argue, without causing a scene?

It's a test of character- one I hope to pass!


frumcollegegirl said...

i think israel is on top of the list for worst beuracracy.

everyone knows you should go with all your sewing that you need to finish, and ALOT of patience...

nmf #7 said...

Top of the list- it surpasses the list!
Patience is a virtue, they say.
If only it was that easy when they send me from room 205-208 and back again, and then refuse to answer any questions.
It gets kinda funny actually- I stood outside the office that was answering the phone calls- and asked for an appointment.
They told me- nope- must call the number. So I called from a cellphone- and I heard the conversation from the other side of the wall- telling me the next appointment was 3 months away. :)