Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rain, Rain, Baruch Hashem (Thank G-d)

I peer outside my window- yet another gloomy, rainy day in Yerushalyim. Baruch Hashem.

I mean, we do start praying for rain, and here it is.

The farmers need it desperately, especially since Shmitta is now over and they can plant again.
And the water supply in the Kinneret is quite low- so we need it as well.

So, we all say, thank G-d it's raining, but it's so miserable outside!

The rain turns my Yerushalayim of gold into a gray sky, complete with storm clouds hovering.

All the Israelis turn to their winter clothes- light sweaters and rain coats, complete with hoods.

And the kids have fun trying out the slip and slide down the hills of their neighborhood.

It's a strange concept, no? Here we pray for rain, and we need it- yet we, the people, don't necessarily enjoy the rainy season.

And heaven forbid we say that- it's always said, "Oh, what a rainy, gross day- Thank G-d."
Rain is a blessing, whether or not we see it as that.

Ugh. I'm staying home and drinking hot cocoa. But, thank G-d for the rain.


Mindy 1 said...

Actually, when I first saw that it was raining, my first reaction was, "Ah," and then when I stepped outside and saw the torrents of ran pouring down the street (immediately soaking my boots, btw. :) ) I marvelled at the amazing gift God gave to us. This, especially in this dry dry country, is PURE, unadulterated, LIFE. A ness.

nmf #7 said...

So true! It's amazing how something I used to take so for granted is really a true miracle here! Rain- a cause for celebration, even if it turns my beloved Yerushalayim gray!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

You need to see rainy days in Jerusalem as great days! They arent gloomy at all...

A Winter Jerusalem Day of Grey, is as gold as can be.