Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Just thought I'd remark on something interesting.

The last time I 'shlugged' kaparos before Yom Kippur, I went to the Kaparos stand by the Zion Blumenthal Orphanage- right by Strauss/Yirmiyahu near the main bus stops and the bazaar- right before Kikar Shabbat and the Katzenburg bakery (I just love their koskosh cake).

This year, I decided to go again- as they always behave mentchlik- they're honest, considerate of women as well as the men (like not allowing cutting in line, and not being shy of talking to a woman who just wants to come to do kaparos). They also perform the kaparos for anyone that is too squeamish to touch a chicken (what did their ancestors do, I wonder?)

I also found that this year- maybe due to the scandal that erupted regarding how the chickens used for kaparos were treated (some were used twice, some were schected and left to rot...) they tried to be very neat, organized, and even let the chickens have a pen to run around in before being used for Kaparos.

Definitely a Kiddush Hashem in my eyes as to how well they treated all people there- as well as how they treated the animals.

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