Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ugh- seems the weather has caught up to me- I can barely think, let alone type, due to my waking up with a severe cold.

Good things about a cold in Israel: (Thanks, J.A.P., for the Glad Game- I think I needed something to cheer me up)
1. In Israel- the tissues are usually colorful- and have easy open perforations to help me get the next one
2. Hot Chocolate/shoko in Israel- best thing invented.
3. Now I can convince myself to start cooking for Shabbos a bit early, saving me the mad dash to shkiya that always happens, no matter what time Shabbos starts at.

Achoo! Better get back to my bed.


Mindy 1 said...

Oh, hot shoko is the BEST. I can't decide which is better, that or ice coffee. I guess we'll go for both. :)

nmf #7 said...

Definitely agree on the ice coffee front- Israel makes the best!