Monday, November 16, 2009

Chana and Rachel

I dunno. Maybe it's Rachel Imeinu's yartzheit (anniversary of her death) (I wrote this back then but was too scared to publish it!) that brings this up in my head. Maybe it's a friend, discussing with me Chana, or a rebbitzen, discussing with me Rachel. And, truthfully, I don't deserve to speak of it at all.

I'm blessed with a daughter, who I love more than anything in the world. But some have to travel long hard roads to have children, if G-d wills it.

There are very few who blog on the internet (at least in an open blog) as being Orthodox Jews and infertile. Probably they don't want to air their kishkes in a public forum.

ATIME has an internet site, Imamother has a group, and probably there are more anonymous people out there who are going through this.

I've gained a lot from reading one blog, about Serenity and now, her wonderful son, Baby O.
And my sensitivities have changed, quite a bit. So thank you, Serenity. I'm giving you a shout out that you should have lots of nachas (that's parental pleasure and pride) from your little one!

Beezrat Hashem(with G-d's help), all those who don't have children yet soon will. I wish them all much blessings, joy, happiness, simcha, and much hatzlacha.


Anonymous said...

It is very hard to be married and waiting. I had my chance and I got to wait and b"h it wasn't for too long. The waiting is very hard, people may not understand what it means to wait, month by month and nothing is happening...

I feel very lucky that I didn't have to wait as long as other people and now that I look back, I am grateful for the time I had before the baby, because after that, life changes so much and you are not your own boss anymore because you child runs your life, your schedule, your days and your nights! So I did enjoy the time before and b"h I'm enjoying the time I have now, I will be raising a child who is part of the future of our nation!

I feel that I grew from the experience, even though it was hard and I feel I became a more sensitive and understanding person to those going through this painful experience.

nmf #7 said...

Anon- I definitely hear that. If it's one thing I learned, it's that I need more sensitivity in dealing with others, especially those in the 'waiting' period.

In my weekly shiur, we were discussing inappropriate questions to ask- and one of them was: Do you have kids? Because that one has either a yes or no answer, and the no is completely insensitive to those who are waiting.

And, I'm glad that looking back you 'enjoyed' the time before- because many don't. A woman I know does not attend community events, because she finds it too hard to even look at people who have children.

Enjoy your little one, and may we all continue to grow from our experiences.