Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rewind and Review

I thought today might be a nice day to review some of my really old post from way back when. After all- BOSD is celebrating her 1st birthday- go on over and wish her a mazel tov- so I figured that I'll bring up some lost treasures that my readers (if I still have readers, given how sporadically I've been posting lately) might enjoy.

Creepy Crawlies- What to do when your food starts looking back at you, Israel style.

Go Fight Egged- How the bus company has taken over the world, literally.

Sundays- That day of the week that has taken on new meaning in the Holy Land.

Hechsherim- I'm a religious fanatic (just kidding), and as such, I have a stamp on my product saying so.

Shabbos and Neighborhoods- Kind of like Mr. Rogers, just he's American and I'm Israeli.

Tis The Season- A bit of a Chanukah backtrack- after all, it is the season now yet again!!

Hope you enjoy!


itsagift said...

Thanks, I really enjoyed reading these...there are so many posts on your blog that I haven't yet read and I don't know if I'll ever get to them. One day, when I'm bored (does that ever happen?!), I'll go back and read the old ones I haven't yet read.
Until then, thanks for these links!

Lvnsm27 said...

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