Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jewish Heroes

Wow. Through the Jewish Federation, they selected 5 'Jewish Heroes' that are going to get 1,000 dollars towards their work, and that could be selected to win 25,000 dollars.
When I first got this email, there were 400 nominees, and then it got narrowed to 20, then finally, these final 5.
These people make differences in people's lives every day. Honestly, I am so amazed and wowed by some of the work that they do. I know a few people personally who have told me in confidence how they have benefited from Keren Simchas Chassan V'Kallah, and others who have joined a Friendship Circle.
Here's the video on who was chosen:

It makes me reexamine my own life. What am I doing to help the Jewish world at large? What can I contribute?

One of my neighbors takes out time from her family of 7 and leaves them on Erev Shabbos for a couple hours, in order to distribute Shabbos candles at the local marketplace to those who would probably not have lit candles otherwise. She makes a difference, even with her limited time.

Any ideas folks? For a mom of one, with most of my energy going towards my family and home, what can I do to make a difference in the lives of others?


Staying Afloat said...

I can so relate to wanting to do things but having trouble getting out of the house.

Do something that works for you. For someone who likes to cook or bake, you can get involved in a meals program in your community.

Also, I don't remember how old your baby is, but you can sometimes bring a baby or young child to a nursing home or something like that and bring a lot of joy to people's lives.

And all those people in the video started small.


itsagift said...

It's hard to know how you yourself can make a big difference in the world. Just remember that the little things you do are really big...even though you don't see it that way.
If you do want to do something that sounds bigger, think of something the people in your community/neighborhood are lacking and see if you can fill that void...

ProfK said...

There are plenty of older people who get stuck in their homes for the most part and may not get many visitors. Make it a point to phone them to say hello and how are you doing. It only takes a few minutes every day or a few times a week but it can make a big difference to someone starved to hear a human voice.

nmf #7 said...

Staying Afloat- You summarized it perfectly- wanting to do things, but can't seem to leave. Sigh.
That's a great idea- I do some of what you're suggesting- like baking meals for brissim and kimpeturim, but I'll look into it more- thanks!

Oh- and that's a great idea about the nursing home, maybe I'll try it!

Itsagift- Yeah, but it's hard to see it myself. And, hard to come up with ideas.

ProfK- That's a great idea...but I'm new here. I don't really know of anyone....but you would probably say I should make the effort to get to know. Will work on it, thanks!