Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skipping Stones

This Thursday night, I was getting supper on the table, when my husband called me over. "NBD is crawling," he said with a smile. I ignored him, as she couldn't possibly be crawling. She's been getting all over the house lately in many other ways, but according to her doctor, since she's been standing for a while already, it was more probable that she would walk before she crawled.

But Friday, NBD proved me wrong, as she crawled towards the garbage can as I was making Shabbos, pulled herself up, and started to pick out yummy things to eat from it.

I didn't know whether to just stand there laughing, or get her out of the dustbin before she ate something nasty.

I called my grandmother, hoping to share the news. She was happy for us- but spent her conversation reminiscing.

"They grow up so fast, " she said. "This is the best time of your life- enjoying the babyhood and toddlerhood of your kids. Take advantage, don't miss a minute. Every milestone, every step, it's something that kids do, and just as they don't miss it, you shouldn't either. Rejoice with every stone met, and cherish every second. Because all too quickly they're all grown up."

It's true, you know. The time flies so fast- she was a newborn so recently. Looking at her, makes me feel old, because she's achieved so much in such a short period of time.

It's like that with all of our lives. When we are little, we can't wait to be big. When we're big, we can't wait to be grown up. When we're grown up, we can't wait to get married. When we get married, we want to start a family.

All these milestones, they pass us by so quickly. I guess like all of us, I have to learn to step back, and really watch for them, and enjoy them. Because like my grandmother said, all too quickly, she'll be grown up, and those stones will have flown by, as quick as skipping rocks on a pond.


Rabbi's wife said...

My youngest i just cutting teeth at 9 months, and I almost forgot to be excited about the milestone because I was worried about being bitten while nursing. sigh. the days drag but the years fly. it really is true.

Anonymous said...

"Looking at her, makes me feel old"

lol, no wonder you want to remain a girl!

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Very cute! Another thing that made me want to have a family even more!

nmf #7 said...

Rabbi's Wife- OUCH!! A friend of mine got bitten so often while nursing that she had to stop.
I like the saying though. (My little one still doesn't have teeth yet :D)
Tesyaa- See what I mean?! And I am old. Girls who were not in school with me at any time are getting married and having children.

Dude with Hat- Thanks! She is- I take no credit for it. And iy"H you will start that family!

Anonymous said...

NMF#7, I am 43 and I feel so happy about it. When I was turning 30 I had trepidation. When I was turning 40 it didn't bother me at all. There will be so many positives about getting old, you will see. And you are really, really young!

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