Friday, March 27, 2009

Erev Shabbos #13- Pesach Prep

It's Erev Shabbos again, and I'm starting to do more than just think about Pesach. I mean, I did start cleaning already- basic, nothing major, but now on Erev Shabbos, it comes to a head.

As I wrote my shopping list, I thought- well, only one package of pearl barley, as Pesach is coming. Oh, and why buy more of 'that', for I'll just need to get rid of it before Pesach. Oh and make sure to get 'this' before this week, because next week, our store will be Pesachdik already.

Pesach requires advance planning. Oh, and this is the last week I can have guests before Pesach- as the cleaning ensues with a vengeance next week.

So, my Erev Shabbos this week is connected with Pesach. But, that's okay.

I will take the time, now that the clock's changed, to enjoy a later Shabbos, to have more time to prepare, to relax, to get myself into the Shabbos atmosphere before Shabbos.

Because next week- the fury ensues- so I need all the relaxation time that I can get!

Gut Shabbos everyone!

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