Thursday, March 12, 2009

Motzei Purim Recap

Just some wonderful thoughts about Purim in E"Y:

I made far too many shalach manos- but they came out beautifully- with a very cute theme. Oh well. I guess I'll have to find a way to use up my leftovers.

I didn't see so many drunkards acting wildly and insanely- I know they probably exist somewhere in Yerushalayim, but I didn't see quite so many.

There was the guy who grabbed Mr. NMF and asked if he was American. When the affirmative reply came back, the guy grabbed his shoulder and said, "Repeat after me: We Want Mashiach Now..."- and he totally didn't look Lubavitch.

There was the other random guy, pushing his twin children in a stroller, who clapped Mr. NMF on the back, and started giving him brachos, one after the other, until I, and this man's wife, pulled them apart.

There were some boys who came collecting, who were obviously drunk- but they knocked on my door when Mr. NMF wasn't home. I didn't check the peephole, and opened it...they started singing quite loudly and entering in the house.....but when I informed them my husband wasn't home, and neither was anyone else except a sleeping baby, they had enough presence of mind to accept the tzedaka money and leave quietly- very mentchlik while drunk.

The Purim seuda was wonderful, and the Divrei Torah were excellent. I learnt the different interpretations of L'Bisumei- and I'm partial to the Rama's approach of just drinking a bit more than usual, and then going to sleep. But, who am I to say anything?

Strange question that came up: Should women drink on Purim- do they have a chiuv to? "Af Hein B'Oso HaNeis"- they were also part of the miracle, so maybe they should drink a small amount. My reply would be that it might not be tznius, but I don't have a source.

Matanos L'Evyonim- this was done true E"Y style. A woman approached a friend of mine and confided in her that she's going collecting for herself on Purim. Why? She has 7 children, mostly learning disabled, a mentally-ill husband, and she can't pay her rent.

So, my friend took it upon herself to raise the money for this family. She figured that if she approached 2,000 people for a small amount, she could raise the money and save this woman the embarassment of going collecting for herself.

So, for 3 days before Purim, the children and parents of my neighborhood collected all over, in yeshivos, in other neighborhoods- they even got the haskama of a well-known rav to boost their credibility.

And, you know what? By Purim night (American- since some donations were American, they gave those on American Purim, and the shekels on Yerushalyim Purim- so that way everyone could fulfill the mitzva) we had raised 4 1/2 months rent. Yasher Koach to all those who donated.

Now my friend is talking about a major campaign to help this family get an apartment of their own- but who knows if that will come to fruition. Meanwhile, we accomplished something big and great, and truly helped someone in need.

Hope everyone had as wonderful a Purim as I did!!


tembow said...

wow! your matanos l'evyonim efforts sound amazing!! kol hakavod :)

nmf #7 said...

Tembow- not mine- my neighbor's. She's a phenomenal person who I'm privileged to know.
But, I will say that Mr. NMF collected in his yeshiva, and I did my part as best I could.

Diana said...

What is not tznius about a woman drinking?

Bas~Melech said...

Well, I came up with a different rai'ya for drinking being a guy thing. Because the "af hein hayu..." is regarding mitzva obligation. Drinking is not one of the 4 unique mitzvos of Purim. You could say it's part of the simchas hachag. In that case, I've always heard that the gemara or something says that for simchas hachag, men are yotze with good food and wine while women are yotze with new jewelry and clothes. Or something. The gemarakups on here will have to pick up the pieces of this teretz... ;-)

tembow said...

BM-sounds good to me! :)

nmf #7 said...

Diana- I meant drink to the point of Ad D'Lo Yada, not drinking in general.
I didn't have a reason why women are not chayav- the best one I could come up with as to why women don't drink excessively on Purim (which most women don't on Purim, so there must be a reason why not)was that their actions after becoming inebriated, to the point of Ad D'Lo Yada like some of the bachurim I saw, might become not so modest- which also applies to bachurim as well.
If you have a reason, pro or against- please let me know!

BM- I like your teretz, but drinking is a Chiyuv on Purim- L'Bisumei- so how does that fit in if it is a mitva?

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

sounds like you had a really great purim!

amazing how when there's a will there's a way. I like to see that people helped collect and accomplished.

nmf #7 said...

Jewish Side- thanks! B"H, it worked out- although it took serious effort, and a major anonymous donation...but, at least she didn't have to go out collecting for herself on Purim.