Monday, March 30, 2009

Money Tree

When I was little, I was told that "money doesn't grow on trees." Albeit that it is made of paper, and therefore, has something to do with trees, making money is not an easy business.

With the economy in the US the way it is, finding a job in today's times is harder than ever. I personally know many who are collecting unemployment, and I know some who are scared stiff that they soon will have to do the same.
The Israeli job market is a tough one to break into- mostly since jobs are found via the special 'P' ingredient- protexia. There are also very few jobs for Anglos (English speakers) that don't require fluent Hebrew- something most Anglos don't have yet.

So- what do we do? Well, we take advice from people like Orthonomics- and start cutting down. Frugality becomes our middle name. And that's a good thing.

When I got married, I realized I no longer had the same budget as I did when I was single. I mean- it was the same budget, but it had to be stretched more ways. I clipped coupons, shopped for sales, and looked for every way to try to save money and still remain in my budget.

When I moved to Israel- I did the same. But things are different here. Not too many coupons, but more sales. Items are cheaper here, but sometimes made of shoddier material.

But, Pesach is here with a vengeance, and my mailbox has been inundated with circulars for greater savings! Coupons for the grocery stores, co-ops for the vegetables and meat, even a joint effort by a Rosh Yeshiva for savings on Mehudar Matzos.

I can't remember the last time in the US that I saved money on Pesach! It's so wonderful to be able to feel like Pesach food products aren't going to bankrupt me (and frankly, might be cheaper than during the year due to the extreme amount of savings!)

So- why does this only happen in Israel? Shouldn't there be Pesach savings all over?
After all- money really doesn't grow on trees!


Ezzie said...

Don't get confused by savings, either - often "savings" encourage people to buy things they wouldn't buy at all.

Also, people can take a certain survey.... ;)

nmf #7 said...

Not confused at all- B"H. Just my neighborhood has many families that really can't afford basics- like food or shoes- so therefore, they created a system so everyone saves (so those people won't be embarassed.)
Oh- and yup, took the survey.

Ezzie said...

Just to clarify, I didn't mean you in either of those lines! :)