Saturday, March 28, 2009

Motzei Shabbos Maaseh #2

It's that time of week again!

Parshas Vayikra:

It says in this week's parsha that Moshe heard the Voice [of G-d] emanating from the Ohel Moed- Tent of Meeting, and he went to speak to Hashem. Rashi makes a very interesting comment on the fact that it says 'from' the Ohel Moed?
Rashi comments that 'the' of the words 'the Voice' makes it into a softer form, a lighter version of the word. But the word 'from' shows that the sound did not reach past the Tent of Meeting- although G-d's voice is mentioned in other places as being strong and mighty- here G-d spoke softly- Namuch, in Hebrew, and it didn't reach past the Tent of Meeting.
So why is this so important- that Hashem chose to speak to Moshe in a softer tone of voice?
The answer lies in a simple fact- a soft voice is harder to hear. You have to be watching out and listening for it, for you to even know it's there.
Hashem sends us messages constantly- all day, in fact. But Hashem speaks softly- you have to be waiting for it, anticipating it- asking yourself, what does G-d want from me now- what messages is He sending me?
And then you'll hear it, loud and clear, despite the decibel tone.

On a seperate note, I had a teacher who once suggested keeping a Hashgacha Pratis (divine intervention) diary- trying to look for Hashem's hand in our lives daily. And you know? When you start looking, there is no end to the HP that you can find. So try it sometime- see that Hashem is watching over and helping you all the time.


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By Sikander Hayat

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