Wednesday, December 10, 2008

60th Post- What does Israel mean to me?

This would be my 60th post- and as it was just Israel's 60th anniversary, I thought it might be nice to post on what Israel means to me.

It means a land, a Jewish land.
A land of Torah and Kedusha.
A land of freedoms- freedoms one might not even recognize or value, until one lives in a place without them.
A land of simcha- happiness, and pure joy.
A land of giving, of chesed, tzedaka, of helping others and being helped, even unknowingly.
A land of Mesirus Nefesh- self-sacrifice, of pride, success, of failure and of hope.
A land of Yidden- of Jews, of all backgrounds, of all walks of life, of all types of religiosity.
A land of growth, of struggle, of trying to do the 'right thing'.
A land to connect to Hashem, HaKadosh Baruch Hu, our Father- who we feel closer to in this land than ever before.
A land of unity, even when it doesn't seem like it.
A land of yashrus- straightness- a land where everyone cares about everyone.
A land of progress, and of tradition. Of our Gedolim, and all the people who follow them, and of those who emulate them.
A land where every Mitzva done counts more, simply because it's done here.
A land where every Aveira done counts more, simply because it's done here.
A land with 9/10 of the measures of beauty in the world- and living proof of it.
A land of growth from the desert, of flourishing orchards, and yishuvim, moshavim, neighborhoods and plantings.
A land I'm proud to be in, and a land which hopes for Mashiach, every day.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Post.

60 that's a lot!!! I just hit 80 and I've had my blog a few months longer than you (end of June).

nmf #7 said...

Thanks, TYTT!
I try to post once a it worked out, at least for now.
We'll see when I run out of things to say- I don't want to post just for posts' sake.

corner point said...

You forgot one--

A land I will b"ezH be standing on in just two weeks!!!!


And I'm laughing about the 60 posts....I've been blogging for over a year and I only have 28 posts up ;-)

Anonymous said...

CornerPoint: I can add the same point...except I'll be there the end of January!

corner point said...

Aww...shuks--so I won't meet you there...

Wanna meet up here?

Bas~Melech said...

60 posts in 3 months. I was about to say somebody spends way too much time online, but then I realized what I'm doing.

Nice post, btw. There's something about Israel that seems to inspire some of the best writing in all of us...

nmf #7 said...

:) Well- everyone who is coming to the Holy Land- drop me an email- I'd love to say hi, meet for pizza in Geulah or something!

And, Bas~Melech, you know I spend too much time online. But- it's worth it!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to meet fellow bloggers...

Cornerpoint, we have a mutual friend, I have no idea who you are but my friend checked up your blog commenting that she knew you, but wouldn't disclose who you ye, I'd meet up with you, you've received security clearence.

Bas Melech, and NMF, don't know you, but based on your blogs, you're probably the most my type than other bloggers out there.

And anyone who has a blog spends way too much time online period...what kind of person starts a blog?

nmf #7 said...

You guys could check with Bad4, Bas~Melech or Scraps (Bad4 actually gave me my name) if you'd like more security clearance. Or Chana, from Curious Jew, for that matter.

Anyway- spending time online is wonderful! I get to do work, blog, and chat with friends! What could be better than that! [looks at watch and sees she's up at 6:30 AM online.]

tembow said...

I"YH i'll be there in the middle of january!
so excited... just gotta book a ticket LOL!

Anonymous said...

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