Monday, December 22, 2008

Chanukah and Tradition

"Tradition...." Even that song churns up memories for me.

Last night was the first night of Chanukah. The menorahs were set up, including one outside, obeying the traditions of Israel, the oil was lit, and my entire family sang Haneiros Hallalu and Maoz Tzur.

If I would have been in the US, my mother or I would have sat down to our grand piano and churned out a delicious rendition of Maoz Tzur accompaniment, or a round of 'Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel'.

The classic Chanukah tape was turned on- Rebbe Hill's Chanukah Story, along with MBC's Light Up the Night.

I fried up dozens of latkes- most of which were devoured in the first 5 minutes. Other nights of Chanukah, I'll be making homemade sufganiyot, along with special Chanukah cookies- in dreidel, menorah, and Magen David shapes. And, how could there be Chanukah without my great-grandmothers' special applesauce recipe?

Whatever kids are in the vicinity at the time- last night there were 5- got Chanukah gelt- usually chocolate, or a shekel apiece.

All these delicious traditions- they make this holiday stand out. It's a time to celebrate with family, to recount countless Divrei Torah (including the 293rd reason why we celebrate 8 nights of Chanukah instead of just 7), and to sit down on the couch and watch as 'the candles are burning low'.

Tradition- minhag, mesorah, custom- they hold a special place in my heart for this holiday.

A Freilichen Chanukah to one and all!

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The Babysitter said...

That sounds like one truly great Chanukah!

Traditions are great!