Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poll on Israel- #2

Here's the second, fairly interesting poll. Good news is, a bunch more people voted - more than double my last poll. Bad news- we only got 1 vote for the really fun answer :)

Should students take a year off to study in Israel?

Alright, as one can clearly see- the majority of voters (9) voted that students (notice that includes both male and female) should only go for a year in Israel if they can afford it. This is a fairly reasonable answer- as the voters are saying in essence, that there is something about a "Year In Israel" that America or somewhere else can't give, but no family should be forced into it due to societal pressure or other such thing. If they can't afford it, they shouldn't go.

The next runnerup was that 5 voters said, yes, they should go no matter what. Wow. That shows that these voters believe that even if a family can't afford it, they should send their children to Israel because there is something special about this place. Or, it means they didn't see the other 'yes' choice. I'd like to ask these voters how families should raise money to send their children? Or- how do they propose that their children should get scholarships? There are many families overseas who would love to know the answers to those questions. I am impressed, though that the 2 highest categories were 'yes' answers- that there is something in Eretz Yisroel that can't be gotten anywhere else. Wow.

We've got 2 outright nos, and only one (unfortunately) who said it was a necessary prerequisite for shidduchim :)

Let's face it: not everyone can afford to come. But for those who can- welcome, and we hope you are enjoying your stay!


The Babysitter said...

I didn't go to Seminary in Israel, but I would love to go once I'm married with my future husband, I think I would enjoy it much better that way, to go as a vacation, rather than living there for a homesick year, where I would have other responsibilities.

nmf #7 said...

Babysitter- how do you know you won't be homesick once married here as well?
I know I am!

The Babysitter said...

right, but I meant to go for a visit, if I would live there then of course I would be homesick. Although as time goes on and you have your own family then the homesickness may go away.