Saturday, December 6, 2008

Poll on Israel- #1

Gut Voch everyone- Shavua Tov!

Alright, I've had a poll sitting on the bottom of my blog for a while that needed its own post.

What's your favorite thing to do in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem)?

Interesting results no? Although only 8 people voted- most decided that the favorite thing to do in Yerushalayim was visit the Kotel, also known as the Western or Wailing Wall. I do admit that that is a major attraction in Yerushalayim. Who can resist the pull of those ancient stones, worn by hands praying for every possible thing in life.

When the Kotel was liberated- that was where people flocked to, a remnant of the Bais HaMikdosh in all its glory. Of course, as many know, the Kotel was actually only one of the outer walls of the Bais HaMikdash, and there are three more, still in existance. But, the Kotel has been the place where everyone continues to flock in droves.

Placing your hands on the stones- I feel a connection to eternity, connection to Hashem and His Torah, His Temple, and His Shechina. I can't explain it, but it happens to me everytime I go.

For those who want some knowledge of that feeling- try Eli Nathan's Destiny 4, the song 'Smile for the Camera'. It's a cute kind of song, but it does have meaning.
It gives some of the myriad feelings that you could have visiting the Wall.


Bas~Melech said...

Guess I missed that poll. Anyway, none of the answers would fit for me. My favorite thing in Yerushalayim is (are?) the people. Visiting people I know and like, meeting new people, people-watching... Yerushalayim is a fascinating place for people.

tembow said...

omg i love people-watching, esp on buses in yerushalayim! that's one of the only reasons i can tolerate riding on buses.. lol

nmf #7 said...

Bas~Melech, Tembow- I have so much fun people watching as well! You never know who you might meet- I remember meeting the assistant principal of the seminary I was about to interview with on a bus- we sat down next to each other :)

Also- the fact that there are so many types of Yidden here- so much fun to see all types of Jews out there.

The Babysitter said...

I remember listening to that song, it always gave me a certain feeling that there's more to it than just a wall. My little brother might actually have his bar mitzvah there next year...

From when I went to Israel, I only went to the Kotel once I think. I actually have a post about my Israel memories that I wrote up as I was there.

o, and I love people watching, works in any place, I loved the city buses in HS for that reason.

Actually about a Israel bus story, when I was there with my grandparents, this man came over to my grandfather and started crying, and he said he was a lost relative or something, I was standing and watching, it was a very emotional moment.

nmf #7 said...

Babysitter- that's such an interesting story- was he a long lost relative? And he recognized him on the bus?

The Babysitter said...

Well I've never seen the person before, so I had no clue who he was. But yea, he claimed to be a long lost relative and that he recognized him by his face, he mentioned some relatives they shared in common, and talked about the war a bit.