Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daven hard- V'Sein Tal O'Matar

Yep- we're in the rainy season- and the rain hasn't really gotten here yet.

It rained a bit yesterday....but I'm starting to look up at the sunny and beautiful sky- and get nervous.
A letter came in the mail for me that my water bill is going up, due to lack of rain.

We need the rain, however uncomfortable it is for us.
We have crops growing, right after the shmitta year, and they all need water if they are to provide us with food. Of course, it's not like it used to be, where there was no water to be had if it didn't rain. We can still pipe water in, or convert it from salt water (an expensive process).

But, we need rain. So for all those out there, all over the world- say today an extra-special tefilla, or daven V'Sein Tal O'Matar with more Kavana (concentration), thinking about those of us out here who look up at the sun's sparkling face, and sigh- and pray.


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