Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ceasefire? CEASE to FIRE?

Alright, I'm officially confused. Israel agreed to a ceasefire. Yep. They won't be firing any more rockets if Gaza stops. But they're not removing their troops. Seems that they think the Gazans will violate some of the terms first. And, Gaza says that until Israel removes their troops, Hamas will keep firing. I'm totally lost.

And in American news, the president-to-be is initiating a publicity stunt, traveling on the same road trip as President Abraham Lincoln did.

I think the news has gone a bit haywire lately.

Friends and family across the Atlantic are worried about us here in Israel- due to the fact that the news is so heavily biased towards anti-Israel. If the news would show a bit more of what goes on in our borders, maybe there might be a different attitude.

News affects us all- but such hysterical events makes me doubt the news. It makes me doubt that in the middle of a recession, President Bush proposed a 700 billion dollar save package, yet no one took him up on it. Then, President-Elect Obama says, hey- I'll lower taxes, but I'd like an over 800 billion dollar save packagae- and everyone goes- Yippee! Our Savior!!

I'm totally confused. Let's just say, the news is news, but right now, I'm depressed at what's making headlines.


Bas~Melech said...

Sure there's a ceasefire. We cease; they fire. Simple!


nmf #7 said...

LOL. Sad, but true.