Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reaction and Action

Firstly, I just wanted to list again this phone number - 02-581-1911- the number in Israel for R' Kook and R' Horowitz's hotline to get or send a name of a soldier in the IDF to daven/learn for. This is how Klal Yisroel fights battles- on the spiritual front as well, with davening, learning, and mitzvos.

On that note- I've noticed on a couple of sites the comment that if the study of Torah protects- then the yeshivos and people in the target areas should not be fleeing their homes and batei midrashos.
That's an interesting concept to me- so I first asked Mr. NMF. He said that we don't really rely on miracles to that extent- if it is a target zone, and they can move- then maybe they should. Then again, I'm not a Gadol, and that's a question that should be posed to a Rav.

I found an interesting article on Yeshiva World that explained why Tifrach's yeshiva is not moving, while other large yeshivos (the example given was Grodna) have moved. It's according to R' Elyashiv's psak.

But that's an example of how Klal Yisroel reacts- yet again. We head to our Gedolim, our leaders- minds and people who are steeped in Torah, and who are able to rule on such complex situations through a Torah perspective. It's a truly special concept when we realize that Torah, and the actions and reactions promulgated by the Torah govern our day to day lives.

Ever watched a Baal Teshuva make brachos (blessings)? It's like a gift being given to them- to connect with G-d and thank Hashem for all the good He has given to us. Ever watched a small child's pleasure at being able to learn a pasuk in Torah? It knows no boundaries.

Our reactions and actions are done according to the Torah view and mindset. It's a phenomenal concept.

And, another article from the Yeshiva World illustrates that. I have no idea how this family was able to rise to such a level- but to see them do it- it makes such an impression on how a Jew can act and behave. I don't know if I would have the inner strength to do such a thing- to say that, amidst a shiva house. But they did. And that's true greatness.

Edit: Found an excellent article on "Fighting the War With Our Mouths", by Sara Yoheved Rigler. This is the Jewish reaction- personified.

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