Friday, January 2, 2009

Erev Shabbos #9- Gaza Shabbos

I can't help it. Despite me putting the schnitzel up, and doing all the routine and mundane tasks of life, my head still swarms with the news from Sederot and Gaza.
How can I be enjoying a Shabbos in relative safety, when those who live in Sederot have 15 seconds to head to a bomb shelter?

I hope to try to do something to help, as do we all. My neighbor and I are talking about trying to open our homes to some of those in the South- we'll see if something actually works out.
Till then, a Gut Shabbos- and may all our brethren be safe and well!


tembow said...

i saw the video yesterday. its so powerful! after watching that, i just want to help in any way that i can.
i spoke to my mother today; she's in israel for a week. she said she went to the kotel today and it was closed off. they're not letting anyone in. i can't believe it! it's finally hitting me that it's a real war! :(

nmf #7 said...

Tembow- that's really interesting, I visited the Kotel 2x this week, and it seemed not to be closed off. Oh well.
Yeah- it's a war our there. But what can we do? Basically- daven. And if we all can, do something to help the people of the South or the soldiers.
May all our brethren continue to remain safe.