Thursday, January 22, 2009

Query and Question

EDIT: By the way- see the poll to the right. I'd love to hear the world's opinion.
Wow, eventful last night. Sheesh.
I started feeling really sick, and had a minor blackout. So, I immediately freaked out, went downstairs to my local Kupat Cholim (yes, I live on top of one, it's very convenient), and they wanted me to head to an emergency room, just to get checked out.

I called another neighbor (Neighbor #4, if you're keeping track) who happens to be an emergency room doctor, and asked him if the local Kupat Cholim was correct in assessing the situation. He said, yes, but that he believes it was probably dehydration.

So, I dragged Mr. NMF all the way to Shaare Tzedek Hospital, and got admitted to the emergency room. Thank G-d, they diagnosed it as nothing more than a severe case of dehydration, and put me on a saline drip for the next 4 hrs. Sheesh. But I did feel much better afterwards.

It's actually a wonderful thing- how easy it is for me to get a note from my Kupat Cholim, head to the hospital, and have it all checked out- without worrying about whether my insurance covers it, or whether this was necessary- the medical system here is great.

But on to my story. While I was in the emergency room, on a drip, I noticed an Arab woman sitting down, waiting for her turn. She looked a bit scared, and I think she might have come on her own. So, I gave her a smile, and got an answering one back. She then got taken care of, promptly and well.

I mentioned to Mr. NMF that I have a bit of a query. I don't hate all of our "cousins". I hate when most try to murder us, or kill our children, or execute terrorist attacks on innocent people. But if they act peacefully, and they don't do these things, then I don't hate them. Did Avraham hate Yishmael? Or Yishmael's children?

This is a query to me, something to question. Should I hate all of our "cousins"? I know that in the Koran, there are some parts in there about murdering Jews- that they would like to kill us all. But if they don't- if they act peacefully- should we hate them?

I'm not saying to love them, or to think that their way of life is good. Indoctrinating young children, for example, to believe in murdering Jews is wrong. Living in squalor and blaming us, is also wrong. Just the age old question- should we hate them?

I don't know. Maybe that woman would have a child who then grows up and becomes a suicide bomber. Or maybe he might become a famous doctor and cure cancer. Should I hate her?
This is a question. I don't even know if it has an answer.


Ezzie said...

Refuah Shleimah.

I'd say no, don't hate. The Rambam and others worked closely with Muslims, and they are not Amalek.

Aside: While for small things such a healthcare system is more convenient, overall it's not great... and the economic cost is tremendous. (Not sure if either of you are working, but wait until you see Israeli taxes.)

nmf #7 said...

Thanks, Ezzie.

Are you referring to the economic cost in general of running such a healthcare system, or for the individuals that use it?
It seems to do the job...
Oh, and Israeli taxes are notorious- don't even remind me.

corner point said...

K, this is really frustrating. I wrote a whole long comment on Thursday, and then my computer went haywire and it deleted on me. So I guess maybe G-d didn't want me to say what I was going to say.

I won't repeat all of that, but I will say this:

Why should you hate her? That is not a Jewish concept. I don't even think we're supposed to hate Amalek (I could be wrong on that). Kill him, yes, but hate him? I don't know...

I have a classmate named Sarah who is a very religious Musilm girl. To make a long and very complicated story short, we get along well.

I often wonder if I'm doing the right thing by befriending her. I wonder if this is what He wants of me. But then I think--she's His daughter, too. He created her. He loves her. She's a good person. And I respect her for those reasons. Like "kabdeihu v'chashdeihu"... I respect her and study with her and sit next to her in class, but I keep some distance, too.

But I still wonder if that's right. It's a hard question...

nmf #7 said...

Corner Point- so sorry your comment got deleted. But you make very good points.
According to R' Eliyahu Kitov in the Book of our Heritage
- we are supposed to hate Amalek as well.
"As long as we are unable to totally obliterate Amalek, we are to hate them with a unrelenting hatred, for that hatred is part of their destruction..."
But back to your points- it is very true. We can get along with the Islamic community, as long as they are not trying to kill us. (That's an extreme, of course).
But, what if she's been raised with shar'ia and Koran law, which states that they should murder infidels- namely, us?
I don't think I could bring myself to hate her though.

Ezzie said...

Overall economic cost is what I meant.

Typically, it's good for smaller things and increasingly worse as you get to more and more important needs.

nmf #7 said...

Ezzie- very true. That's why many Olim tend to keep a low cost health insurance from the States or Europe, in case of emergency.

corner point said...

Another good question.

I asked her once about her views (both cultural and personal) about what Mulims want in terms of conversion to Islam. She said that in a perfect world, she'd love for everyone to be Muslim, but she respects people for their choices and she doesn't attempt to convert those who don't want to.

I still have lots of questions--many of them I won't dare ask her--and those questions in turn make me wonder again whether this is the right thing to do. I really don't know. I'm just doing my best given what I know.

Thanks for the source of hating Amalek. I didn't know that! I can now call you my rabanit for teaching me something new

nmf #7 said...

Corner Point- That's so interesting that that was her response! I didn't even know Muslims wanted to convert the world. But it is very respectful of her to recognize others' choices.
Oh, and as for the Amalek source- truthfully, I didn't know where to start for that specific question, so I asked Chana. She helped me out :)