Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today- I feel worried.
I'm worried for our ground troops out there, for our soldiers, our precious Jewish boys, out there, trying to protect our land and people.
10,000 troops. That's 10,000 Jewish neshamos.
I hope for their safety. I hope that this war will bring with it some peace for our people.
What can I do here? In my little apartment in Yerushalayim- life seems to continue as normal. Yet all of us are obsessively checking our computers, calling our friends in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Sederot....we're scared for them. We worry. Underneath the facade of normalcy- we are praying. Praying hard.
I love this land and this people. I love waking up to Israeli sunshine, to the view of the hills surrounding Yerushalyim, to the buildings and apartments inhabited by so many Jews. Yet in communities down south, their very existance is threatened. Their lives are threatened every day, every hour. If 60 bombs fall in a day, that's more than 2 an hour. And our soldiers who are in Gaza itself, trying to catch the terrorists hiding in the maternity wards of hospitals, trying to get rid of the mosques holding caches of explosives.
I'm worried today. And I hope and pray that all our people will be safe and well. Please G-d. Let them be safe and well.
"Protect them from harm and help them in all their endeavors."

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